Sunday, August 2, 2009

Car seat - Get it back together Girl!

So, Little Sticky lost his cookies (actually it was French Toast and a banana) in daddy's brand new luxury SUV yesterday morning. While daddy used an entire box of baby wipes to clean out the car, I took Little upstairs for a bath and a nap. In the process of cleaning out the car, Daddy took the car seat out (chunks and all) and left it in the garage with the garage door still open. Daddy mentioned when he came back in the house that the seat cover needed to be washed, but I was in the middle of feeding Princess and had no idea it was sitting in the "elements" of a hot August day. Two hours later, it occurred to me that I probably needed to take the cover off and wash it before we needed to pile everyone into the van for an excursion.

Upon entering the garage, I see flies. Lots of flies. About 40 as a guess? And then there were the ants. About 2000? Seriously. About 40 flies, 2000 ants, and about 300 mosquitos. The flies were all about the bananas. The ants were all about the pop tart, cracker, and gold fish crumbs that were in the tray beneath the car seat. And of course the mosquitos were all about me (to a mosquito, I am the equivalent of the buffet at Golden Corral.)

So, if you have ever taken a car seat cover off, you know you need a flat head screw driver(to pop out the clips), patience, and a camera. A camera? What's that for? I take pictures of how things are assembled so that when it's all clean again, I can try and put it back together to the satisfaction of highway safety laws. I would post the photos as an example, but they were gross. Anyway, in this case I also needed mosquito repellent. I used this new product for the first time and it worked like a champ. Mosquitos literally feast on me, always have. Two weeks into summer and it looks like I have track marks on my legs even with Deet spray. Mosquitos laugh when I put on Deet spray (by biting me in the face).

Anyway, so two what seemed like years hours later, I finally got the cover off and in the wash. I then got out a bucket of soapy water and the tire brush to scrub down the rest of it. After it was all clean, it took me another two what seemed like years hours to get all of the straps and clips and hooks and belts going the right way. Now I've just got to get those darn hooks in between the folds of the seat and the seat in snuggly enough to allow no jiggling... Wish me luck.

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