Thursday, August 6, 2009

Goin' Bananas

The way my family goes thru a bunch of bananas, you would think we were, well, a bunch of monkeys. Bananas for breakfast, banana sandwiches, bananas for snack, you name it. So why then, when I buy two bunches of bananas (to keep from going to the grocery store every 12 hours), does my family suddenly decide they don't want any more bananas? So they sit, get brown spots, and smell, and turn to mush? It happens EVERY time I buy more than one bunch?

How do I keep from going to the store every other day and at the same time keep from tossing out a bunch of super stinky fruit? Before you go there with the "just make banana bread" thing, I am NOT a bread baker. And even if I were, my family is particular about their bananas and does not eat them in baked goods or even pudding for that matter. In fact, I would call them banana snobs. They like them not too green, but certainly with no spots.

I did, however, recently convince Big Sticky that the banana with the brown spots was a giraffe banana. He thought that was SO cool and actually fell for ate it!

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