Monday, August 17, 2009

Lightning McGreen $$

I would buy stock in Dole Foods if they could figure out how to make the likeness of Lightning McQueen in a broccoli floret. You see, Little Sticky will act on nearly anything if it can involve Lightning, Thomas the Train, Mickey Mouse, Wow Wow Wubzy (the list goes on...). We have numerous products in our home covered in the Licensed image of McQueen. Coloring books, pajamas, bubble bath, crackers, hundreds of different vehicles, Legos, yogurt, a boo-boo freezer friend, and most recently, the bicycle he received for his third birthday (along with a helmet covered in Thomas). He got so excited, he immediately put on his gear, jumped on his new bike (with a little help from Daddy), and made several hundred gashes in the hardwood floors laps around the downstairs of our house.

But the best products of late involve potty products. Yes. Potty products. Lightning has helped get Little Sticky to use the big boy potty by donning the #95 and his signature Lightning Bolt on Pull-ups and big boy underpants. We have made it several days now with little or no accidents. This is very important, because he has to be trained before starting pre-school in the next three weeks. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Ca-chow!

Now, if we could just work on the broccoli thing...

Little Sticky spitting blowing out his candle on his "Madagascar 2" cake. (or Madagascartoon as he calls it.)

Enjoying the icing from his Mickey Mouse cake (party #2).

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