Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Year Later...

Time certainly flies. It is hard to believe that a year ago today I was preparing to leave the hospital with our baby girl. Other than the actual arrival of Princess, I distinctly remember three occurences during my stay in the hospital. 1) The start of the Beijing Olympics as our Princess arrived on 08-08-08, 2) The nurses trying to convince me that I was able to leave the hospital a day early if desired (since I was recovering nicely and apparently they needed the room.), and 3) I clearly remember why I wanted to relish another night of peace and quiet.

You see, during the few trips my boys made to see me and their new little sister in the hospital, they managed to set my bed alarm off (the nurse actually had to call engineering to fix it), locked my bed so that I could not raise or lower the bed, pulled the telephone out of the wall, spilled grape juice all over my bed, used the pull out sleeping chair as a trampoline, and used Princess' nursery carrier as a race car. Needless to say, while I was so happy to see the boys and anxious to get home to daddy, I relished in the nearly spa like atmosphere of my 4 evenings in the hospital! Below are some snapshots of their visits and a photo of Princess taken day 1.

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