Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Six Minutes of Freedom

This event actually occurred a little over a year ago. But since we are less than a week away from Princess' first birthday, I thought it was appropriate to post.

In an effort to get ready for Princess, we decided to mistakenly? move the two boys into a room together. They now occupy the former bonus room so they have a large bed/play room. We were naive to think hoping this would minimize clutter throughout the house. (it didn't work, but that's another future post).

So at 7+ months pregnant, I spent two weeks decorating the boy's new room - painting (using non-toxic paint), hanging bulletin boards, putting together beds and cubbies. Below is an after of **my** decorating but before the boys attempt at **re**decorating.

Cute huh? Well apparently the boys thought the room needed a little something extra, an added "edge" to the space, and decided to redo some things. The below photos are completely unretouched. What took me 2 weeks to complete, took them the time to take a load of laundry from the room next door, down the hallwall, sort into a pile of mine, his, theirs, and take a quick potty break only 6 minutes to change.

I didn't know two little people could be so capable of destruction. When I asked Big Sticky what happened he blamed his brother said he was looking for his dolphin?

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