Monday, August 2, 2010

Boy Oh Boy... Oh Boy!

The writer of this blog has:
a)  Fallen off the face of the earth.
b)  Been locked away in her son's bedroom (the room where she turned the lock around to keep them in.)
c)  Quit blogging.
d)  None of the above.

If you guessed "d," congratulations!  You are correct!  What then, say thee, has happened?  Well, you should find it no coincidence that the current last blog post is dated May 18th... the last day of preschool for the 2009-2010 year.  It turns out that being home with 3 children ages 5 and under day after day after day after day after exactly 74 days is incredibly tiring.  I've tried the pool, and while that seems to wear the kids out, it wears at me even more.  I've tried the parks, but let's face it, this summer has been hot.  Super hot.  Too hot for me, too hot for them.  I've tried craft projects, but I am out of glue and out of patience.  I've tried the library, once.  Mistake.  I've tried the mall, twice.  BIG mistake.  Same thing for Target, the grocery store, and any other retail establishment. 

Lately I have resorted to DVD's, previously recorded shows on the DVR, and Nick Jr.  Do I feel guilty? Absolutely NOT!  Afterall, I still have to get the cooking, and cleaning, and laundry, and everything else done around here. 

And then there is this other "little" project I have been working on this summer.  Turns out, that things are about to get a little lot more sticky around here.  You see, our family, {insert drum roll} is expecting another baby!!  I am currently at 20 weeks and we already know that we are having a third BOY!  Oh boy!!  The due date is December 23rd, so I expect this Christmas to be very eventful!

I have enjoyed the reactions from close friends and family as we have shared the news.  Some of my favorites include:
  • "Was it planned?"
  • "Better you than me!" 
  • "Are you excited?" (accompanied by a shoulder shrug and wince)
  • "Are you getting fixed after this one?"  (accompanied by head tilt, chin down, eyebrow lift)
  • and my favorite... "You know what causes that, right?"
And then there are those that have asked if we are working on our own reality show.  Specifically, if we are trying to be like the Duggars.  You've seen them, the family with like 14 or 17 or 18 or 20 or so kids and Still Counting.  The answer is NO.  And at my age, the only way we could ever catch up to the Duggars would be to pull an Octomom stunt twice over.  However, those questions did get me to thinking.  If we did have our own reality show, what we name it?  I thought of some adaptions of current reality shows.
  • Four Kids and Counting (Subtitled:  The amount of money they will cost us thru college)
  • The Real Housewife of O.C.  (Organized Chaos)
  • Tot Chef
  • Big Brother (and Little Brother, Sister, and a Baby)
  • Project Runaway
  • Wiped-out
I could keep going, but I think you get the idea.  For now, I will just keep blogging.  And at some point, I am going to "backfill" some blog posts that will prove we really did have a life in the month's of June and July.  Fan us on FaceBook to keep up with our latest post.   And one more thing, wish me luck and rest.  Lots of rest.