Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Very Last Photo

I am sad to report that my trusty little Sony point and shoot has been laid to rest. This camera has recorded a lot of memories of our family - both photos and short videos. I loved this camera because it recorded with 7.2 megapixels, had a 2.8 aperture (better than my $1000 nikon w/ kit lens), and was small enough to slide into my pocket - making it easy to carry EVERYwhere.

What happened might you ask? Well, I am not exactly sure, but when I found the camera lying on the floor in the kitchen next to the island, the lens was bent (as you can see in the below photo) and the glass was covered in finger prints. Upon further inspection, I found 70+ very closeup photos of different objects around the house... including several of Big Sticky's face and the backside of his fingers. I will be bringing him in for interrogation questioning as I am sure those are self-portraits...

Although not desired, the camera does now produce some interesting, but very out of focus, photos.

Sony Cybershot DSC P200
February 2005 - July 2009
Enjoy your new life as a toy for the boy

By the way, below is a picture of Big Sticky taken when he was one week old. This was one of the first photos I ever took cherished with my Sony camera.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Harry Potter Replacement

Don't you think Daniel Radcliffe is getting a little too old to play Harry Potter? Does anyone know where they are conducting casting calls for the next movie? I have someone for consideration. I am currently looking for an agent and brown hair dye...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Mr. Grocery Bagger

Deat Mr. Incompetent Teenager Without Children Grocery Bagger,

In case you don't remember me from all the commotion we caused in your checkout line, I am the one with three screaming young children (one of which walked out of the store carrying an unpaid, but returned without questions, box of Dora vitamins). Each time I return home from visiting your current employer, I have choices to make as to what comes out of the car first -The crazies children that can run off to a neighbor's house, the child that is unable to walk and needs assistance, the groceries that will melt and/or ripen in the heat and humidity of the south, or the other items (non-perishables) that can sit in the car for the next 100 years without much change in their state of being.

For this reason, I need you to bag my groceries together just as I have carefully sorted them onto the belt. Freezer stuff, refrigerated stuff, produce, and non-perishables.

The next time I find a 6-pack of spoiled kiddie yogurt hidden under a bag of uncooked egg noodles, I shall promptly bring them back to the store for exchange, kids in tow.

Thank you for distracting yourself long enough from your texting reading this message.

Mommy with attitude
Woman on a mission
Your friendly neighborhood shopper

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Three Little Monkey Jumpin' on the Bed

Ok, so actually it was only Two Little Monkeys... and a Princess that chose to watch.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grocery Shopping with Tots

Back in the day (when I only had two children) the biggest frustration with grocery shopping was the constant "Mommy, can we get this?" "NO", "Mommy, can we get this?" "NO". This question and answer session started just past produce where the grocery stores cleverly start hanging $3.97 bags of reptiles, snakes, fish, trucks, and other "toys" most likely Made in China and full of lead and parts that fall off before you get to the car. I used to "ride" the boys around in one of those carts that looks like a racecar. Cool huh? Well, not exactly. You see, those carts don't hold as much stuff, there is no place for "delicates" (bread & produce), the "steering wheels" are covered with disgusting things (even if you do wipe them down first) AND to top it off the boys were already bored after about 10, no 5, no I'm sure it was only 2 minutes of "driving".

Then once Princess came along, there was no room for her in the cart, so I would carry her in a sling. Try holding 15lbs in a sling, steering a cart with 75 lbs of toddlers and two 24 packs of bottled water (that my husband insists we consume) all while going thru your stash of expired coupons. It's enough to make you call for pizza every night.

Anyway, so, my last couple of trips to the grocery store, I made the switch. Not to store brand - I already did that to the displeasure of my husband. I made the switch to the mini "Shopper in Training" carts. Have you seen them? They are cute and they keep the whining 'cause I told them NO future shoppers BUSY. I give them each a "list." BIG gets the apples, LITTLE gets the bananas and so on. Princess, by the way, just sits in the cart and flirts with EVERYONE. (Don't tell her daddy!)

And because they have a "list", when Little Sticky stopped to add Chocolate Covered Madagascar Puffed cereal to his cart I simply said, "Those aren't on our list lil' Buddy." He responded with "Oh, OK." Did he just say ok and put them back? OMG, pinch me!

BTW, thankfully none of this matters anymore come September when the boys go back to PRE-SCHOOL!! Grocery shopping switches to Tues-Thurs from 9-1 ONLY.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


No, that is not a typo as I am not referring to a sports drink. I am referring to our recession friendly GPS tracking system, aka GHS (Gator Home Safely) device.

This is all necessary as it appears that we have raised another Houdini. While working in the yard this past weekend, our second born escaped without being seen. Somehow he managed to drive a 35" Gator thru a 38" gate opening. My husband took off running to find him. He flagged down a dog walker who fortunately had seen Little Sticky driving very fast (in second gear) towards the street corner. By the time my husband had caught up to him, Little had already rounded the corner and was oblivious to his father's yelling concern. In the event this happens again, we posted a note to the future kind neighbor that may find him out on a joyride.

BTW, I wrote the message on blue painters tape. I am sure by the end of the week the Brother's Sticky will color over my message with sidewalk chalk or peel it off and stick it in their sister's hair.

Any other ideas?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

The boys are aboslutely, positively, not just kind of, TERRIFIED of dogs. In fact Little Sticky nearly jumped three feet into my arms once over a 6 inch high cast iron door stop in the shape of a Scottish Terror, er, I mean Terrior. Normally, they will not go within 100 yards of a moving animal. When we visit The Hill (explained in the previous post), it is always a challenge leaving my brother's house and avoiding sweet as can be Cooper, Duchess, and Mali. Poor pups have no idea the boys are terrified of them. Princess of Sticky, by the way, LOVES them, because they lick her toes while she is swinging on the front porch with Grandma or Aunt Gee.

Anyway, so when Big Sticky reached out to shake Cooper's paw, I nearly fainted (when I realized I didn't have my camera...). Fortunately, one of my cousins had hers and was able to capture this shot for me. Hopefully, the boys are building a little confidence... at least enough to walk out of the house without me dragging them while they are screaming in terror carrying them to the car.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

For the 4th of July, we took the Stickies to The Hill (my dad's family compound). I call it the compound because my dad, his mom (my sweet grandma), two of his sisters, two of my cousins, and my brother all have lake front homes beyond the brick columns. Sounds regal doesn't it? Well this is the country and this ain't The Hills like you see on MTV. All the homes are leave your shoes on, take your coats off (or wet bathings suits in the summer) and stay awhile. There is no pretention here, just good fun, riding around in golf carts or go carts or gators or tractors or pick-ups pulling a boat. Or you can just walk if you feel it's necessary. Anyway, for the past several years, my brother, cousin, and my dad have shot off fireworks. These aren't your normal fireworks that you purchase under a tent in the parking lot of your local discount store. These are REAL fireworks that have to be stored off-site in a magazine designed for explosives. They all went to training, must be approved by the Fire Marshall, and have caution zones for keeping everyone safe. It is an awesome show, coordinated with music (broadcast over the radio). They spend months planning, setting up, firing, tearing down, and cleaning up. The show is all completely funded by donations and T-shirts sales. See photos below and visit their website when you get a chance.

Notice, you will not see any photos of the Stickies as they are TERRIFIED of fireworks. (more so than dogs... that's another post for later.)

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th!!

Please pray for the families of those that were lost at Ocracoke. Seeing behind the scenes makes you understand how dangerous fireworks can be.