Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

For the 4th of July, we took the Stickies to The Hill (my dad's family compound). I call it the compound because my dad, his mom (my sweet grandma), two of his sisters, two of my cousins, and my brother all have lake front homes beyond the brick columns. Sounds regal doesn't it? Well this is the country and this ain't The Hills like you see on MTV. All the homes are leave your shoes on, take your coats off (or wet bathings suits in the summer) and stay awhile. There is no pretention here, just good fun, riding around in golf carts or go carts or gators or tractors or pick-ups pulling a boat. Or you can just walk if you feel it's necessary. Anyway, for the past several years, my brother, cousin, and my dad have shot off fireworks. These aren't your normal fireworks that you purchase under a tent in the parking lot of your local discount store. These are REAL fireworks that have to be stored off-site in a magazine designed for explosives. They all went to training, must be approved by the Fire Marshall, and have caution zones for keeping everyone safe. It is an awesome show, coordinated with music (broadcast over the radio). They spend months planning, setting up, firing, tearing down, and cleaning up. The show is all completely funded by donations and T-shirts sales. See photos below and visit their website when you get a chance.

Notice, you will not see any photos of the Stickies as they are TERRIFIED of fireworks. (more so than dogs... that's another post for later.)

I hope everyone had a Happy 4th!!

Please pray for the families of those that were lost at Ocracoke. Seeing behind the scenes makes you understand how dangerous fireworks can be.

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