Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear Mr. Grocery Bagger

Deat Mr. Incompetent Teenager Without Children Grocery Bagger,

In case you don't remember me from all the commotion we caused in your checkout line, I am the one with three screaming young children (one of which walked out of the store carrying an unpaid, but returned without questions, box of Dora vitamins). Each time I return home from visiting your current employer, I have choices to make as to what comes out of the car first -The crazies children that can run off to a neighbor's house, the child that is unable to walk and needs assistance, the groceries that will melt and/or ripen in the heat and humidity of the south, or the other items (non-perishables) that can sit in the car for the next 100 years without much change in their state of being.

For this reason, I need you to bag my groceries together just as I have carefully sorted them onto the belt. Freezer stuff, refrigerated stuff, produce, and non-perishables.

The next time I find a 6-pack of spoiled kiddie yogurt hidden under a bag of uncooked egg noodles, I shall promptly bring them back to the store for exchange, kids in tow.

Thank you for distracting yourself long enough from your texting reading this message.

Mommy with attitude
Woman on a mission
Your friendly neighborhood shopper

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  1. Kathleen LambertJune 10, 2010 at 1:06 PM

    That is HYSTERICAL. I think I may print out a copy and just hand it to them as I start unloading onto the cart! LOVE IT!!