Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Very Last Photo

I am sad to report that my trusty little Sony point and shoot has been laid to rest. This camera has recorded a lot of memories of our family - both photos and short videos. I loved this camera because it recorded with 7.2 megapixels, had a 2.8 aperture (better than my $1000 nikon w/ kit lens), and was small enough to slide into my pocket - making it easy to carry EVERYwhere.

What happened might you ask? Well, I am not exactly sure, but when I found the camera lying on the floor in the kitchen next to the island, the lens was bent (as you can see in the below photo) and the glass was covered in finger prints. Upon further inspection, I found 70+ very closeup photos of different objects around the house... including several of Big Sticky's face and the backside of his fingers. I will be bringing him in for interrogation questioning as I am sure those are self-portraits...

Although not desired, the camera does now produce some interesting, but very out of focus, photos.

Sony Cybershot DSC P200
February 2005 - July 2009
Enjoy your new life as a toy for the boy

By the way, below is a picture of Big Sticky taken when he was one week old. This was one of the first photos I ever took cherished with my Sony camera.

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