Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

The boys are aboslutely, positively, not just kind of, TERRIFIED of dogs. In fact Little Sticky nearly jumped three feet into my arms once over a 6 inch high cast iron door stop in the shape of a Scottish Terror, er, I mean Terrior. Normally, they will not go within 100 yards of a moving animal. When we visit The Hill (explained in the previous post), it is always a challenge leaving my brother's house and avoiding sweet as can be Cooper, Duchess, and Mali. Poor pups have no idea the boys are terrified of them. Princess of Sticky, by the way, LOVES them, because they lick her toes while she is swinging on the front porch with Grandma or Aunt Gee.

Anyway, so when Big Sticky reached out to shake Cooper's paw, I nearly fainted (when I realized I didn't have my camera...). Fortunately, one of my cousins had hers and was able to capture this shot for me. Hopefully, the boys are building a little confidence... at least enough to walk out of the house without me dragging them while they are screaming in terror carrying them to the car.

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