Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Here We Snow Again!

What does SNOW mean to a northerner? NORMALCY. My husband who recently returned from Vermont said that it snowed all week. No big deal. They showed no concern of taking to the road and don't even lift from their seat at work to peak out the window when it begins to flurry.

What does SNOW mean to a southerner? PANIC. The mere thought of the little white stuff sends us all scurrying to the grocery store to purchase every last loaf of bread and any remaining jugs of milk no matter the size of the carton or percentage of fat. You know, because we have to eat cereal and sandwiches while we're holed up for 3-4 days.

What does snow mean to a mom of preschoolers? PUNISHMENT. Obviously I have recently done something so terribly wrong to deserve this prison sentence. You might as well lock me up in a messy Lion's Den after rubbing me down with a rare Porterhouse steak and let them chomp at me. Entrapped in the house with the flurry of children bored out of their minds is making me lose mine.

So let me break it all down for you.

Saturday - Day 1: We wake up to approximately 4 inches on the ground. The stuff is still coming down sideways. However, it is no longer snow. It is sleet. The only snow that we do see is from the wind gusts blowing the powder off the roof. When the precip finally stops early afternoon, we start dressing all of the kids. It takes about 30 minutes per child to get them covered in 4 to 6 layers. By the time you get the last one dressed, the first one either needs to go to the bathroom or has already kicked off their boots or mittens. Even so, we charge forward with our wintry adventure. The boys immediately start scooping up the powder to try and make snowballs. When that doesn't work, they start diving into the snow. Everything they were doing led to one thing... after 20 minutes (less than the amount of time to dress each of them) they were wet and cold and ready to go in. Ugh.

We go inside and toss wet pants and mittens and socks and hats and jackets and scarves all over the place. After making hot cocoa, the boys and their 4 year old friend head upstairs while the adults sit down and warm up by the fire. Ahh! Now this is more like it. We talked about adult things all the while naively thinking the children were upstairs playing nice. Little did we know the boys were very busy throwing toys - lots of toys - out of their second story bedroom and onto the snowy ground below. OMG! I was horrified! So, after quickly back, back, backing the kids away from the window, I lean thru the same opening trying to grab the toys off the roof. I had to use part of their train track to flick the remaining toys onto the ground to join their toy friends. I then grabbed a bucket to trek out into the snow and pick up all the toys. The boys were then promptly put in their pjs and ordered to bed.

Day 2 - 4 (as they just announced school is closed again tomorrow) coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy pics from Day 1.

And as a sidebar, we have purchased additional safety locks for the windows as the children have obviously figured out how to unlock the ones originally provided by the manufacturer.

The picture above are the toys that landed on the roof.
The picture below are the toys that landed on the ground.

And below are all the toys that were picked up off the ground. Still covered in snow.

And of course I have to include pictures of my little snow bunnies all bundled up.

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