Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Free-For-All :: My Valentines

On this edition, I pay tribute to my Top 5 Valentines.

5. My parents. My mom who travels two hours each way nearly every weekend to see her grandbabies. And while she's here, she typically ends up helping with laundry and picking up toys and preparing food between hugs and kisses and silly stories from the little people in our house. Then there is my dad who travels the same distance in less time (HeHe) to see his grandbabies. And while he's here, he will build out an addition to the playset, or powerwash the fence, or mend our broken gate between hugs and kisses and silly stories from the little people in our house.

Not surprisingly, there is a three-way tie for second (listed in reverse birth order).

T2. Princess. My sweet little girl who greets me every morning with the biggest dimpled grin, gives me real kisses and loves to bury her head in my lap while she gives me big hugs. And like any true valentine, she loves to share milkshakes - both chocolate and strawberry.

T2. Little Sticky. I love, love, love, how this little guy throws his arms around my knees, squeezes as hard as he can, looks up at me with his bright blue eyes and says, "Mommy, I wuuub you!"

T2. Big Sticky. This is my sweet valentine. He gives great big bear hugs and likes to cuddle on the couch while I read him a story or play the missing number game. He is a true big brother and loves to shower his siblings with gentle hugs and kisses.

1. Honey. That's what I've called him since early on. I love how he makes me laugh and plays with the kids and works so hard for our family so that I can stay home with the babies AND he doesn't mind when I add a few pounds here and there (or at least he doesn't seem to mind). And let's face it, if it weren't for him, I'd have a lot less Valentines on my list!!

Happy Happy Valentine's!!

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