Friday, February 26, 2010

Five on Friday :: Five for Five Years

Today we wrapped up a week long (literally) birthday celebration for Big Sticky. He had 5 different birthday "parties". I think last year he had something like 6 or 7? So at least the number is coming down.

So this Five on Friday recaps his celebrations.

1) El Magueys. Sunday after church we hit this little Mexican place in my hometown. Approximately 7 guys came out with their "Mexican Orchestra" singing some version of Happy Birthday. (at least that is what I think they were singing.)

I kept trying to get Big Sticky to lift his head so that I could take a "good" photo. But he just would not look up?? When they were finished singing, my dad lifted the hat off Big's head to return it to the Band Leader. Turns out, that hat weighed about 37 pounds. No wonder he couldn't lift his head!

And this is a photo of Princess sleeping at the table. She slept just like this while all those fellows were singing and banging tamborines and playing guitars! I guess growing up with two boisterous big brothers, she is used to sleeping thru lots of noise!

2) Pirate Party with cousins. OK, let's face it, the only thing "Pirate-y" about this party, was the cake, his hat, and the cousins... as they were decked out (pardon the pun) head to toe in matey gear and even performed a sword fight for the adults. BTW, the cake was quite tasty!

3) Red Robin Party. We've been doing Red Robin on his actual birthday since his first. So why break the tradition now? It was a Monday night and apparently every family in town had the same idea. I'm not exagerating when I say that we heard no less than ten times in one hour, "Happy Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true! Happy Happy Brithday from Red Robin to you!"

4) Preschool Party. You have to party at school with your buddies! His teachers made this suuuper cute hat for him. He wore it home and for the rest of the evening (he even wanted to wear it to his Karate class!) Not sure where the kind of girly looking sunglasses came from. I have since bought him some (ahem) more manly/boyish looking frames.

5) Monkey Joe's. His last party was BY FAR his favorite. This was his first friend's party. I originally thought of inviting his preschool class over to our house for a Pirate Themed Party. After thinking more about the possibility of 12 five year olds in this unpredictable February weather and therefore possibly being confined to the interior of our home running around the house and breaking lamps and spilling juice and going potty , I thought "Arrrgh don't think so!!"

Instead, we opted for a party at Monkey Joe's. One of those bounce here, slide there kind of places.

And how suuuper cute are these ALIEN cupcakes? The kids loved them! If you are interested in getting your own, you can contact the baker/creator at

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