Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Great Frame Up

I am a sucker for cute picture frames. The sad thing is, only a very small percentage of all the bagillion photos I take actually make it to "print and framing." The rest end up in email, Facebook, Blogger, or they just sit and sit and sit in a little folder on my computer until the end of eternity or until my hard drive hopefully never crashes.

When we were expecting Princess, I didn't change the green wall color in the nursery. Instead I converted a lot of the accessories - basket liners, lamp shades, and of course picture frames, to girly pink. Before she arrived, the frames were sitting empty - just waiting for her sweet face to grace them. So instead of staring at empty picture frames, I had an idea to fill them with memorable things.

Some of those things included gift cards received with baby gifts. Like this one:

And this one:

And then there was gift wrap, like this:

And "artwork" that her big brothers created just for her:

And her monogram that I scribbled in magic marker on a piece of paper:

And then there was this cutie booty that actually came with the frame. I thought it was so cute I left it. I would replace it with one of my own baby's booty but I don't have lighting that good in my bathrooms (nor do I have a claw foot tub.)

And when we were expecting Little Sticky and moved Big Sticky out of the {same} nursery and into his own big boy room, he had an Elmo Sports theme decor. I had a hard time finding coordinating artwork. So on one of my regular trips to Kmart, I found the following Martha Stewart picture frames on clearance. I bought Sesame Street brithday cards, cut the character out of the card and then glued the character onto brightly colored paper and framed them. Voila! Sesame Street artwork! By the way, I found the GIANT stuffed Elmo at Kerr Drugs on clearance for 3.00! He is as big as the kids! They love to throw him down on the floor and lie all over him!

And just in case you were wondering if I actually had any photos of Princess in the nursery, you betcha'! Here is one of my favorites. Look at that cute lil' dimple!

I hope this inspires you to get creative. And you don't even have to limit the idea to your kid's rooms. I've got one photo frame that holds a cute cocktail napkin! If you have some good ideas for picture frames, please include them in a Blogger or Facebook comment to share with and encourage others!


  1. This is inspiring, however, I don't get much more creative than painting! You're certainly working more from the right side of the brain than me!

  2. You are so creative!!! Thanks for sharing your ideas! If you have other creative ideas please share for those of us that are creativity-challenged :-)