Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Free-For-All :: Five for my Five Y.O.

My first. My oldest. Turns FIVE on Monday. Five! Where has the time gone? So I just have to dedicate this list of five to him on his fifth. I struggled with what items to list. Do I include his 5 biggest accomplishments this past year, my five favorite all-time memories, his five favorite toys, his (only)five knock-knock jokes that he tells over and over, the five movies that he watches again and again? In the end I decided to use 5 adjectives that best describe him this past year. Funny that they all begin with the letter I. "I" just love him so much!

Intelligent - I was worried this time last year that my little guy just wasn't getting his letters. Boy, has he shown major improvement! Not only does he recognize all of his letters now, but we routinely play letter games for fun. "Buddy, what letter does ball start with?" He will snicker and respond "G." "G? Is that correct sweetie?" "No, mommy. That's silly. Ball doesn't start with G! It's a B! I was just playing with you! {snicker, snicker}"

He is also adding. Not sure who taught him that much needed skillset, but he received two $5 bills in the mail for his birthday. He immediately says to me as he shakes the money over his head, "Mommy, five and five is ten!!" Me thinking to myself, "Hmm, how much longer now before I can train this kid to go online and pay our bills?"

Independent - Not only does he like to make his own jelly, mayo, and cheese sandwich, but he likes to choose his own clothes, buckle himself into the car, and push all the buttons on every electronic device in the house.

Independence also translates to bravery. While at Great Wolf Lodge, he scared us all when we couldn't find him, only for him to come barreling down one of the giant slides by himself! He then did it over and over and over again. He is most comfortable in the water and has been swimming face down for the past two summers and has been full out body surfing in the ocean for the past three summers.

Imaginative - This little guy thinks BIG! He is constantly making up stories, and pretend playing, and saying things that absolutely blow my mind.

Some of these things he says are intellectually amazing. While others are just down right cute. Like the time he hit his eye with a water gun. I asked him if I could kiss it to make it feel better. He responded, "but Mommy, a kiss won't make this boo-boo stop hurting. I need a cupcake. One with sprinkles on it."

Innocent - I love that he is NOT into Spiderman or Batman or any of those seemingly more "grown-up" feeling cartoons. He still loves Olivia, Max & Ruby, and Franklin. And when his little brother or sister wants to watch Elmo, he's still cool with that (for now anyway.) Oh yeah, and I love that he still loves to cuddle and kiss and hug with his mommy and daddy.

Impatient - This trait actually tickles me. I hear it several times a day, "but Mommy, that will take too long." It doesn't matter if I have asked him to pick up his toys before he can watch a movie, or finish all of his lunch before heading off to the indoor playground at Chick-fil-a , if he is in disagreement and ready for his next adventure his response is always the same. The whole birthday party thing has been doubly challenging for his patience. "Mommy, how many more days until my party at Monkey Joe's?" 10 days, 8 days, still 8 days.... "But mommmm-eee, that will take way too long!" "It's okay buddy, you will be off to college before you know it!"

Whew! I don't even want to think about that last thought right now! It amazes me how fast they grow up!!

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