Monday, March 1, 2010

The Final Rose... Are You Kidding Me?

"Hold on everybody. This is my friend Molly. She's home watching The Bachelor, The Final Rose. I need to take this."

"Hold on Molly.
They are singing that silly Happy Birthday song again!
It is SO loud in here.
Can you speak up?"

"So what's the deal. Who did he pick?"

"WHAT? He picked Vienna? Are you kidding me???"

"Ewww! She is just sooooo trampy.
I mean with the fake boobies
and the nudie calendar
and the ex-husband
and everything!!
What is he thinking??"

"I saw all the rumors that he was going to pick her,
but I just couldn't believe them!"

"And how could he do that to Tenley?
She dreams in cartoons and has rainbows in her diapers!!"
(according to Gia anyway)

"I mean really, how cool is that?"
"And OMG she even made his dad cry! CRY!
Are you kidding me??"
"I'm just in shock over this one!"

"I am SO not watching that show anymore!"

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