Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beach Bound

With three small children, "FOR-ever" is a gross under-estimate of the time it takes me to pack for a roadtrip.  And let's be honest, with at least one kid wearing diapers and using sippy cups and bottles, it doesn't matter if it's an overnighter to the grandparents or a month in a wildreness camp, kids need lots of stuff.

Adding to the choas and the need to take more things, is a transitional season beach trip when the day to day, sun up to sun down temperatures range from 52 to 92.  Not only do I need to pack everyone sunscreen, shorts, and bathing suits, but we will also need long sleeve tees and hoodies.

I despearately wish my nitpicking non-decisive self would take packing advice from my three year old (who actually sat in his car seat for two hours prior to departure).  He was SO ready to GO!

Surf board for self.... check.
Surf board for brother.... check.
Baby gate for sister.... check.
Buzz Lightyear wings.... check.
Toy Story sand bucket.... check.
Teddy.... check.

All packed and ready to leave for the beach!

And then once we got there...

All dressed and ready for a day on the beach!

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