Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Blake!

My nephew turns eleven years old today!

He had a super fun Survivor Themed birthday party.

All the kids (ages 3-12) were divided into two teams for Survivor Challenges.

My boys gearing up for the Curling inspired Bocce ball contest.

The teams were evenly matched. The Yellow Team won the Bocce contest 3-0 while the Green Team filled their container from the water ballon toss in record time. In the end, the Green Team pulled out the overall victory by completing their "TRIBE" puzzle necklace relay ahead of the Yellow Team.

We ended the festivities with some super yummy cake!

(Seriously, the cake was quite yummy!)

I dug through my archives and found this picture of Blake

on one of his first attempts at fishing.

How cute is he??

Oh, they grow up SO fast!!
Happy, Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

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