Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Free-For-All :: The Airport

My husband has recently been travelling for work which involves frequent trips to and from the airport. This Free-For-All list is all about the airport with preschoolers.

1) Little boys think that moving pedestrian walkways are the coolest thing ever. And mommies think that moving pedestrian walkways are the coolest thing ever for keeping little boys busy. How much do you think it would cost to have them installed in the backyard? Better yet, it would be super cool to have a bi-directional one installed upstairs in the hallway. That might just make laundry more fun.

2) One evening while my husband was gone, we decided to try Skype. The boys got so excited because they were going to get to see Daddy. However, when Big Sticky realized it was on the computer, he said "But I don't want to talk to that Daddy. I want to talk to the Daddy we left at the airport." (Rest assured folks the two daddy's he is referring to is one in the same. No breaking news stories here... just a little boy who thought he was going to see his daddy in person.)

3) When trying to get your sons to be careful on the escalator, you might want to make sure that you are also doing the same. Especially when wearing wedge shoes and toting a child on your hip. Yes. I tripped up the escalator. Fell on my bum. L'edMAO. Made a quick glance around to see who was looking, and then brushed it off as if one of the boys accidentally fell into me.

4) Immediately after getting daddy, piling all the kids and luggage into the car and then taking off, Princess decides she is overcome with emotion and gets sick... very sick. It was yucky and stinky. And because of airport security, you can't just pull over anywhere to clean up everything. We finally pull over at the observation deck so that Daddy could get the boys out and keep them safely preoccupied while I cleaned up Princess, the van, and her carseat. It was so smelly, we had to drive home in the freezing cold with the windows cracked open. Ugh.

5) Speaking totally from my husband's perspective, there is probably no better feeling than to arrive home after a long week of unfamiliar people and places to hear two little boys yell at the top of their lungs, "Daddy! Daddy!" as they dart thru strangers to get to their very own Super Hero. Oh yeah, and then there is Princess who is practically leaping out of her mommy's arms to get to her Prince Charming.

Welcome home Daddy! And just in time to play in the snow!

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