Friday, January 8, 2010

17 Months Old Today!

Our little Princess of Sticky is 17 months old today. She could also be called Princess of Mischief. Princess Copycat (she will try anything she sees her brothers do - which is NOT good!) Princess of Happytown. Princess of Sillytown. Princess Dimples. She also answers to Love Bug and Sister Pie (Little Sticky calls her the latter).

Mommy's little multi-tasker!
Just don't text and drive little lady!
Is she sticking her tongue out at me? Is that THE finger?
What IS she doing here?

READERS CHALLENGE: Add the best caption to this last photo in the comments section by Tuesday the 12th and win free editing of your favorite snapshot!!

Editing may include any of the following: Removing stains on clothes, boo-boos on skin, distractions in background, minimizing wrinkles and even taking off 10 pounds!! (depending on clothing pattern as plaid is a little hard to disguise).

Winner will be announced here and on our FB fan page.


  1. maybe if I smile really cute, she won't realize I'm actually giving her the finger!

  2. Touching my nose with my tongue is a skill, right? I'm practicing for America's Got Talent!