Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Free-For-All :: Randomness

I recently learned that a blogger friend of mine does a weekly list. Since the purpose of me blogging is to record and share memories, tidbits, and tiny tales, a weekly list affords me a "quick" avenue for adding more content to this site.

For now, I am calling it Friday Free-For-All. Why Free4All? Because the list is totally random in nature. You may see something one of the kids said or did, something I learned, a milesstone met, or just some indiscriminate mommy moment. I will try and keep it short and limit the list to five items. My plan is to make the posts each Friday - just because I try to flush my brain over the weekend.

Thanks to Melissa for the idea!! So here goes.

1) Princess can now open doors. Apparently, we are raising a future cat burglar. Since she (at only 17 months) has already figured out how to get past child proof cabinet locks, navigate the step ladder in the pantry, climb out of her crib, and can now open doors, we are at a total loss as to how we keep unfriendly kid products out of her reach. I am SO open to ideas on this one...

2) If you happen to run out of glue and by chance have a box of Strawberry Milkshake Poptarts in your pantry, the inside filling will adhere virtually any porous and non-porous substance. That stuff literally sticks to anything.

3) The dollar store = cheap entertainment. Each child gets to choose two items for purchase. One to keep and one to share. I normally get out of there for 6 bucks or less. However, I need to make sure the boys go potty beforehand. Our last visit, they allowed us to go back into the storage room, only for Big Sticky to hit the Emergency Exit door handle. (You may recall he did this once before at Macy's.) Not only is the siren SO loud, it is SO embarassing!

4) Little Sticky announced earlier in the week that he no longer liked Lamby and Teddy and that Sister could now have them. Of course, by the end of the week he had a total change of heart and was back to carrying his two best friends all over the house. Oh how I love that little guy!!

5) Realization. Santa's bounty of toys has caused an increase in potty accidents. Both boys seem much more interested in playing with their new toys rather than listening to their body. Since I can't bare to let eventual boredom resolve this problem, I have reverted back to setting an hourly alarm. Sigh.

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