Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mommy and a Milestone

So I celebrated a birthday today. A big one. You know, the kind with a zero behind it. Not the one that rhymes with dirty, but not yet the one that rhymes with nifty. I guess that is how I feel, half way between dirty and nifty. It is scary to think that by the time I am nifty, my oldest will still not be able to legally drive.

Daddy Sticky asked if I wanted a party for my birthday. "No thank you. We'll save those for the children. Instead I would like peace and quiet." So, before heading off to a nearby resort, we dropped the kids off with my mom, dad, brother, and sister-in-law. With four adults and two elementary aged nephews, they should be able to take on the three "stickies".

They did a great job and even managed to fool Little Sticky into going without a paci for two whole days. (Yes, he still uses his paci... that topic deserves it owns blog entry.)

Aunt Gee (with the boys help) made me a beautiful and quite tasty Martha Stewart Lemon Drop cake. It took the boys less than two minutes after I blew out the candles to make the cake look less beautiful. Little Sticky pulled out the lemon drops, licked off the homemade meringue icing, then placed the lemon drops back in the cake. Big Sticky simply took his fingers and poked holes to get his icing fix.

Thanks to everyone for making this birthday very special for me!

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