Sunday, May 17, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

How many baby wipes are in a pack? 72. How many baby wipes will a 4 year old use to clean up spilled milk? 68. Yes, there were only 4 wipes left out of a brand new pack. I go upstairs to put in another load of laundry and this is what happens. You would think that after 68 wipes, I would at least have a clean counter and floor. No. Most of the wipes were all piled up in one large dripping heap. Much of the remaining spilled milk was discovered under a grocery bag and a serving tray that I had to pry from the counter.

Bless his little heart. He was so proud that he had poured his own drink and one for his brother. He even readliy admitted that he made a spill but cleaned it up with "all the towels." At least he tried. The crazy part is he had done the same thing two days prior with orange juice and a half a roll of paper towels!

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