Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet the Cast


A sweet and imaginative 4 year old. This little guy has a heart of gold. He loves to pretend play and make up creative stories. Watch out though, this little independent loves to (literally) climb into the fridge and get his own food. This can lead to some super sticky situations, especially those involving jelly or juice.


This big little guy is 2 and 1/2 going on 15. He loves to entertain a crowd and finds humor in everything (even his own falls and spills.) One day he will be on stage as a singer, actor, comedian, or motivational speaker. (My brother claims he is a Chris Farley double.) Known as Mr. Happy to many, he loves to push his older brother's buttons. Oh yeah, and he absolutely ADORES his baby sister.


Not yet mobile, this 9 month old is still contained. However, give her some food puffs and she can make a mess with the best of them. This little princess swoons everyone with her sweet smile. Don't be fooled though, she already knows how to get her way.

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