Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apologies to Macy's Shoppers

You know those shiny red signs that say "Emergency Exit, Alarm will Sound?" Well guess what, they really do make a sound - a shrilly ear piercing hair raising sound that will cause shoppers to run from the store. (Mostly because they thought there was a fire?) Anyway, we were out shopping and as soon as we entered Macy's, Big Sticky ran from me and straight for that shiny red sign. I guess he thought it said "'Push Me Hard and Run." In case this should happen to you, be aware that the clerks don't just push a magic button to turn the alarm off. They call a maintenance man who has a key and takes 20 minutes to get there from wherever.

While we should have run with the other shoppers, we waited so that Big Sticky could apologize as necessary. Plus I was afraid we would have to fill out a police report? He politey and sincerely said "Sorry Lady."

Sidenote: I did find some cute gladiator sandles!

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