Monday, September 21, 2009

Professional Stuntmen. Do not attempt at home!

Top 10 potential dangers associated with this photo:

10 - No helmets or elbow pads or knee pads.
9 - Bungee cords as tow gear.
8 - A covered swimming pool.
7 - Night-time scene lit only by the occasional flash from the camera.
6 - No brakes on the scooter.
5 - Roller blades a little too close to the grass.
4 - Non-attentive "I'm in my own little world" 4 year old behind the wheel.
3 - Mischievous "what's he gonna do next?" 3 year old riding shotgun.
2 - Imaginative "what's his next bright idea" 8 year old on the scooter.

and the number one potential danger in this scene...

1 - Fearless "hey ya'll, watch this" 10 year old on the roller blades!

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