Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just in Time for Potty Time

We were down to the wire, so close to being shut out from pre-school, turned away at the door, or worse, called to come get your child just as you were half way thru your grocery shopping, but we made it. We my friends, are POTTY-TRAINED! Little Sticky has now made it a full week with NO accidents. I put an emphasis on accident, because we did recently have an incident.

While at "The Hill" for the Labor Day weekend, we had a minor episode. After returning to the house from a boat ride up the lake, I went to retrieve the boy's swim trunks from my brother's house - briefly leaving the three stickies with my dad. Just after I left, Little Sticky announced to Pops that he needed to go to the potty. You must know that Little's bathroom routine currently involves getting completely undressed from the waist down. He then climbs onto the potty and sits as far back as he can go, with his back resting against the back of the toilet. Pops stepped out of the basement restroom and told Little to call him when he was finished.

A few minutes later I returned from my brother's house with swim trunks and towels. Just as I came around the lower driveway on the golf cart, I see my dad emerging from the basement wringing out Little's shorts. Apparently, Little needed to go #2 and when you sit all the way back on the seat, there is not many places the #2 can go. So, it seems that "it" rolled down his leg and onto the floor. At least that is what my dad and I can assume by using our best CSI skills. While we didn't taken any pictures, rope off the area, or officially gather any evidence, we pieced together the scene of the crime enough to get a good idea of what actually happened in there. So there you go. A potty incident. One to tell the future girlfriend. One that we can now laugh about. It wasn't very funny on Saturday when we were wiping poo off the floor, the shorts, the mirror, the shoes, the toilet, the door knob, the underwear, the walls, and the boy.

I tried working with him last night to get him to scoot up a little further on the seat. However, it was half way thru his bath, his butt and legs were wet and slippery and so he literally fell into the toilet. He was actually wedged into the seat. All you could see was his head and his legs from the shin down (or I should say from the shin "up" since his feet were up in the air). In true Little Sticky form, he actually thought that falling completely into the toilet was funny. Luckily all this happened before we finished his bath. I am seriously hoping I don't get a call from the school saying that my son has injured himself by falling into the toilet. Now that would be embarassing.

Anyway, I am very excited to be down to one child in diapers. And even more excited that my Target bill has been reduced by 13.63 with each visit. And even most further ecstatic that I am able to take him to pre-school.... starting tomorrow!! Who-hoo! Yipee!

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