Monday, October 12, 2009

Could you Spare a Square?

"Could you spare a square?" A famous line spoked by Elaine of which an entire episode of Seinfeld was written.

In this house, there would be no squares to spare as Princess has likened to unravelling the entire roll. What toddler hasn't squealed with excitement as they spin and spin and spin and spin (all of) the paper off that tiny little roll. Even more fun is when mommy magically transforms the empty roll into a telescope, or microphone, or a rocket ship.

So, after tiring of throwing away perfectly good tissue (and expensive, as we get the kind with added aloe and lanolin), or instead rolling it all back onto the roll, I decided I was going to show little Princess who was THE REAL BOSS around here. I did like any normal man does, and simply set the roll on top of the tissue holder. Hmm! Showed her.

Well, not exactly.

PLAN B: "Boys! We need to close BOTH lids!"

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